In Loving Memory of DJ B-Ezy

DJ B-Ezy

DJ B-Ezy


Flea and I would like to take the chance to say Rest In Peace to our sister KYMP KAMP DJ, DJ B-Ezy.  B-Ezy was close to the family here at Kentucky Fuse and one of our biggest supporters. As you go through life you’re blessed to meet people who have a profound impact on your life as your strive towards your own personal greatness.  DJ B-Ezy was one of those people to us at Kentucky Fuse. We didn’t need to talk to B every day for us to know that we could count on her or for her to know that we supported her.  When something wasn’t right, B-Ezy could be counted on to speak up and keep it real with all of us. When she believed in something, B-Ezy would MAKE SURE that you knew how much she appreciated your work. That’s how real she was.

We were blessed to know DJ B-Ezy and anybody who knew her is a better person because they knew her.


We love you, B.  Keep looking out for us down here.



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