Stop Sign Tandy f/ Hurraseason & Jamarcus – Bang Ya (Official Video)

Stop Sign Tandy f/ Jamarcus and Hurraseason - Bang Ya


New music video from Hoptown’s own Stop Sign Tandy featuring Jamarcus and Hurraseason titled “Bang Ya”


Check it out below:

Stop Sign Tandy f/ Jamarcus and Hurraseason - Bang Ya



New official video LC X Fanessin

The World's No Sleeper

The World's No Sleeper






Nic Torres: When did you create your logo, what process did you take?


Nanza: I began making the No Sleep logo in what I liked to call, my lab at the time. It was in the beginning months of 2005. I took time to think about who I am as a person, and what could represent me. I was fond of silhouettes; I knew that, that was what I was looking for. I wanted a logo with a look that could be on a super human’s chest. I sat down, did plenty of thinking, and with simple tools I formed it out of the no sign by adding zs thus No Sleep. It was a typical day at about three in the morning. No Sleep isn’t about necessarily losing sleep; it’s about using every waking second, minute and hour to move toward your goals and dreams. It’s about becoming what you want to become, at that moment. It’s about you seeing the finish line, and going the distance. It’s about time management, and getting where you need to get to, to be in a position of success.


Nic Torres: When was your brand first thought of, when was it established?


Nanza: My brand was thought of early 2005, was perfected as far as the plan for it in 2010, and was established February 28th 2014. It was thought of long ago, but it takes a while to see a path with something at a long-term perspective.


Nic Torres: Why do you think you are the worlds no sleeper?


Nanza: I am, it is what I do, when there is work to be done, I finish it before I shut my eyes for those long periods of time. There is always a product to sell, always an idea to have. When that check point is reached to where enough work has been done we will sabbatical for a short period. But when the time comes,most likely by alarm, we will rise and grind. My number one priority is to handle business, no matter what it is, around the clock. Keep business first.


Nic Torres: Do you ever sleep?


Nanza: Of course I do, there is a time when the robot of my body needs to be recharged. Most days I don’t get very much at all. And that’s what people need to understand. No Sleep is the temporary fix, so that you can branch off of ideas. That’s where my brand No Box comes into announcing.


Nic Torres: Do you have any other brands, which you currently own?


Nanza: Myself LLC is a business that funds people who want to start a small business. This was established March 20th 2014. This is an idea that hasn’t left the floor, but does have a name. No Sleep has always been my initial brand, and calling card throughout my life, so I have to say obvious honorable mention. Over Work is apperal that is a follow up of what No Sleep is based on, work hard. No Box is the branch of No Sleep that will make No Sleep a more dominate brand, making No Box the trend for the future.


Nic Torres: Where does No Box Come From?


Nanza: No Box is about the given answer that leads to the rhetorical. Its about thinking outside of the box, and having no boundary for good ideas and creativity. To be able to venture off with countless inventions from a person or a group of people is priceless. Its where improvement comes to a satisfactory level.


Nic Torres: Where does your motivation come from? Where does your drive come from? What gets you going?


Nanza: Motivation and drive, that’s what it’s all about, that’s what the whole thing is surrounded by. Its about you realizing that certain things can happen today. You can get up and do nothing in a day’s time, or you can make progress and persevere toward something. My drive is drive itself. Branding, marketing, not knowing what way to go, knowing what way to go. What gets me going is the adventure of things. For one day you will look back and see the path that you lay before you. See the future, make it happen. Rise and grind, Don’t count sheep, count money, don’t put off what you can do today tomorrow. All these motivational slogans are what gets me going. I always wanted to be about business, and now I have one.


Nic Torres: What do you feel is the best thing a person can do when getting a small business together?


Nanza: The thing is, is to know your audience, who you want to sell your product to. After that you’ll deal with locations and getting a base together to keep track of. Keeping track is something that many people don’t do. These are your customers; these are the people that will invest in your product, so keep track of every single one. Not only that, but pay attention to what I like to call commercial customers, and buying customers. There are people that will just like your product, and then there are people that will purchase your product. My business has yet to reach its heights. My base is still growing, with that said there are many days of staying up to do. As far as everything else we will just have to think outside the box.





The Ghost of Pattamattic

The Ghost of Pattamattic


New mixtape from 90’s Baby Music Group and Hosted by DJ Murph!


The Ghost of Pattamattic